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Welcome to 1 Thing/Week, a newsletter where I feature one thing every week & (attempt to) keep it brief.

Originally started as a Procrastination Project in 2019, 1 Thing/Week took a short little 4.5 year hiatus and was resurrected in 2024 when I was once again desperate for a way to procrastinate the things I actually needed to get done.

What is 1 Thing/Week about?

It’s pretty straightforward, if a bit broad: it’s a weekly endorsement of something I’ve been liking lately & why. Sometimes it’s as pure as an ice cold McDonald’s Diet Coke; other times it’s a confession that I unfollowed all of my Facebook friends.

I contain multitudes and want to keep things interesting around here!

Who am I?

I’m Jenn, an avid internet consumer with (more than) a few strong opinions. I like what I like, and want you to like it too!

I never wanted to get married until one day I changed my mind, so now I live with my husband and our cat Lola in Chicago. The force ranking of the 3 of us is:

  1. Brad

  2. Lola

  3. Me

If you know the three of us, you know this is true.

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